Where it all Began...The Original Studio. 

The Original Sutherland Studio is built on what was once the largest peach and pumpkin cannery in the world…The Libby Cannery.

Since 1932, Libby’s was the single largest employer in the town of Gridley, a small agricultural town in northern California. Libby  ceased operations there in 2001 leaving behind a 25 acre industrial "ghost town". It was out of the factory rubble left behind that the Sutherland Studio emerged. Renting a small section of the enormous property, the site was cleared, remodeled and equipped. Former Libby employees even pitched in to help with the construction.

In recognition of the sites’ history “Fizzle Fruit©” was created. The bubbly, fizzy exquisite glass fruit symbolically rekindles the energy of times past when the cannery was alive and thriving. Fizzle Fruit© honors this rich history while keeping its legacy alive.

New Beginnings...I moved!   Partnering up with my good friend and fellow glass artist extradordinaire, Andy Libecki.
We joined forces and merged our two studios into one. Together we offer a variety of workshops,classes and events to celebrate
the pure joy and magic of working with hot glass.
Come see us at our Glass Art Community & Gallery. "G TOWN"    WEBSITE: gtownhotshop.com